Paint it black

Black specification and Blackline Specification – similar names, but two different takes. We look at each and explain the key differences between them.

In June we launched two new option packages on Bentayga: Black Specification and Blackline Specification.

The Blackline Specification replaces all the exterior brightware in the car – apart from the top section of the roof rails – with black-painted trim.

This is the specification for customers looking to significantly alter the exterior style of the car at an attractive price point. A Bentayga with Blackline Specification is sportier and more aggressive, yet still discreet and understated.

However, we recognise that some customers will want to take the next step, and make a real, extrovert statement by specifying the Black Specification.

The Black Specification contains the Blackline Specification, but also includes a black-painted version of the Bentayga 22” wheel, gloss-black exhaust tailpipes and four elements of the carbon-fibre Bentayga Styling Specification that is currently offered through the accessories route.

This dramatically alters the look and stance of the car, and is the perfect option for customers wishing to make a bold and striking statement.

Black Specification works well with a wide range of colours, and combining it with colours such as Beluga and Onyx (or other dark colours), produces a moody, brooding look; alternatively, combining it with bold and vibrant colours such as Sunburst Gold or Dragon Red will result in a look that will be a definite head-turner.

Both specifications are ideal for allowing you to really make your stock stand out from the local competition, thus giving you unique selling points and making your stock more eye-catching to customers and prospects alike.

For more information, please visit your nearest Bentley Emirates showroom or call 800-Bentley (800 236 8539)