Mulliner Personal Commission Paint – the bespoke service that enables customers to choose from an infinite palette – has been introduced for the new Continental GT for the first time this November. Here we take a closer look at this special process that creates truly unique Bentleys.

Whether it’s the colour of your favourite tie or the face of a cherished timepiece, with Mulliner’s Personal Commission Paint, you can now commission a hue special to you.

The craftsmen and women at Bentley’s personal commissioning division can colour-match virtually any sample you provide, capturing its essence and reproducing it to perfection. Using innovative colour recognition software to analyse the composition of the sample provided, a customer’s Bentley can truly be an expression of who they are.

Mulliner – Rare By Design

Anything is possible in the world of Mulliner. The company’s sole aim is to meet the requirements of the individual Bentley customer.

Discerning customers may request something as simple as monogrammed upholstery, or more detailed bodywork modifications that rely on the expertise of the world’s most experienced coachbuilder.

Mulliner also creates Limited Edition models that share the highest standards of craftsmanship, always delivering luxury on the highest level.

For more information, please visit your nearest Bentley Emirates showroom or call 800-Bentley (800 236 8539).