Bentley Network App - Unique Services. Privileged Access. Endless Possibilities

The Bentley Network App is yet another reason why the Bentley ownership experience is so unique. Designed to be the primary source for owners of exclusive Bentley news, digital services and event invitations, it also provides a secure mobile platform through which our customers can connect and communicate with each other.

The Bentley Network app provides privileged access to the World of Bentley and beyond, exclusively to Bentley owners.

The new Android version of the app means that any Bentley owner with an iOS or Android device can download the app and enjoy priority access to the latest Bentley news, invitations to exclusive Member events and the opportunity to engage with other owners from around the world.

Bentley Network App benefits include:

  • Exclusive Privilege Access to all Bentley Events, Invitations, News and Global Network
  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded Bentley Owners
  • Absolute Discretion
  • One Click Access to all Bentley Retailers across the Globe